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Clean Communities


Ewing is a participant in the New Jersey Clean Communities program.  New Jersey Clean Communities is a statewide, comprehensive, litter-abatement program created by the passage of the Clean Communities Act in 1986 (updated and ammended (Clean Communities Act – 2002 Amended 2008)).

The program is managed jointly by the Clean Communities Council, Inc., a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, in cooperation with the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection and the Department of the Treasury.  It provides approximately $20 million in funding annually to local governments, businesses, community organizations, schools and individuals who work together to keep New Jersey clean.

The Council oversees the implementation of litter abatement programs in 558 New Jersey municipalities and 21 counties, collects statistical reports, maintains a data base of information that tracks local programs, and implements a statewide program of public information and education that targets Clean Communities coordinators, schools, and the general public. The Clean Communities Council also administers New Jersey’s Adopt-a-Beach and Adopt-a- Highway programs.

At the local level, New Jersey Clean Communities promotes a three-fold attack on litter: 

  • Cleanup - hold at least one day of public lands cleanup by community volunteers
  • Enforcement - the adoption and enforcement of anti-litter laws, and 
  • Education - establish an education program within the community for adults and children.
In a multi-step process, it first identifies litter and its sources, and attempts to understand why people litter in order to be litter free. 

What is litter?  Litter is solid waste that’s out of place.  It’s the kind of trash found on highways, lakefronts, parks and school grounds. Litter takes many forms:  paper, plastics, metal cans, cigarette butts, glass, food packaging, tires and graffiti. 

Where does it come from? There are seven sources of litter:  pedestrians, motorists, overflowing household garbage, construction sites, dumpsters used by business, loading docks, and uncovered trucks.  Litter is often blown by the wind until it is trapped somewhere, as along a fence. 

Why do people litter? People tend to litter when they think someone else will clean up, when an area is already littered, and when they do not feel a sense of ownership or community pride.1


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Litter is everyone’s responsibility, so everyone needs to be involved. Businesses, industry, civic organizations, schools, and all residents should participate and support our efforts to keep Ewing Township clean. 

We invite you, your family, small group of neighbors, organization, or business to organize a cleanup or beautification project.  Contact us!  We can provide assistance in planning your event.

For more information regarding the Ewing Township Clean Communities Program contact the Department of Public Works at (609) 882-3382.

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Our Goal - A Litter Free Ewing

Our Plan 

Why Litter Control Is Important

Even small amounts of litter are unsightly, unhealthy and dangerous.  Litter causes blighted landscapes resulting in an increase in taxes and a decrease in tourism and industry; loss of civic pride and morale; and a negative public image.  Litter can also cause disease in people and animals, fires, and accidents, especially on roadways. Litter also impacts neighborhood storm drains, obstructing water flow, downstream waterways, and is harmful to wildlife and plant life.  It costs you money!  Public funds are spent on cleanups every year and unkempt towns and neighborhoods have lower property values.  

Make a Difference and Volunteer

  • We need YOU (individuals, church or school groups, businesses...) to help make a difference and help us curb litter in our community.  Please donate some time to  keep Ewing Township beautiful.
  • First set a good example.  Keep your own property litter-free.
  • Make a litter free community a priority!  Encourage officials to provide enough receptacles for pedestrian and motorist litter.
  • Join the plogging movement and pick up litter as you walk or jog. 
  • Curb your dog!
  • Adopt a Stormdrain, Adopt a Road, Adopt a Park... Wherever you feel you can make a difference.  
  • Cigarette butts are litter too!  In fact, they are the most littered item world wide. [Cigarette butt facts]
  • Join us at our litter clean up days.  If you can't join us at our event, we encourage you to express solidarity with our efforts and join with your neighbors to clean up your neighborhood or development at your convenience.  Send us a photo  and let us know!  We'll share it.

Clean Communities Programs

Adopt a StormDrain


Do you have a stormdrain in your neighborhood that floods during weather events?  Litter, leaves and all kinds of debris can accumulate and add up to a large problem that impacts drainage and our water quality. 

We encourage residents to adopt a stormdrain in their neighborhood and keep it clear of leaves, trash, and other debris to reduce water pollution.  Instructions for Cleaning a Stormdrain.

Volunteer 15 minutes, once or twice a month  for cleaner waterways and a healthier community.  

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Did you know that one gram of pet waste contains 23 million fecal coliform bacteria?  Pet waste does NOT belong in our waterways.  It can suffocate aquatic animals, insects, and fish. Fecal coliform bacteria can cause pneumonia, fevers, abdominal pain, diarrhea, and possible vomiting in humans.   Either bag it and dispose of it in the trash, or flush it down the toilet.  Be sure to remove from the plastic bag before flushing.     

Scooping your dog's poop isn't just common courtesy; it's the healthy and environmentally sound thing to do, AND it's the law!

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Join the ploggers out and about Ewing Township to make your contribution to litter abatement as you are out for your daily walk or jog.  Just put on your running shoes and bring along a trash bag and a pair of gloves and improve your health at the same time.  We thank you for your contributions for making a cleaner Ewing.    

FYI, the word “plogging” combines “jogging” with the Swedish phrase, “plocka upp,” to pick up. The activity, started by Swedish jogger, Erik Ahlstrom around 2016, has grown to an international movement.
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Ewing Community Clean Ups

Participate in a Virtual Cleanup through The Watershed Institute any time during the year.  Map your cleanups and put Ewing on the map!  Send us a photo of your cleanup and we'll share it!

April 15 Stream Cleanup

Our annual Earth Day celebratory stream cleanup will be held on Saturday, April 15th, 2023.  This event is run every year by Ewing Green Team, and The Watershed Institute.  This year we will focus our cleanup on the West Branch of the Shabakunk Creek at Home Depot on N. Olden Ave.  Additional information and sign ups will be posted shortly.

Ewing Parks Spring Cleanup

Come out and help the Ewing Green Team with a spring cleaning at our local Ewing parks.  Specific parks and dates TBD.


April 24, 2022 Community Park Cleanup

Plan to celebrate Earth Day on Sunday, April 24th with a cleanup at Moody Park from 10am - noon.   Pre-registration is required.  For more information go to our Earth Day Moody Park Cleanup Article.  Reward to all participants - Free Rita's Water Ice at the end of the cleanup!

Johnson and Johnson Staff Cleanup at Watson Park

Currently scheduled for April 20th

April 9, 2022 Earth Day Stream Cleanup

Our annual Earth Day celebratory stream cleanup was held on Saturday, April 9th, 2022.  This event is run every year by Ewing Green Team, and The Watershed Institute.  This year's cleanup was at the Shabakunk Creek behind the Hollowbrook Community Center. Despite the rainy start to the event, almost 1800 pounds of trash was collected.  Go Ewing!  


October16, 2021 Delaware River Cleanup

A coalition of volunteer organizations and Clean Communities programs in Hunterdon and Mercer Counties, together with New Jersey and Pennsylvania State Parks, came together for the 4th Annual Delaware River Cleanup on Saturday morning, October 16th  for a massive cleanup of  conditions and debris left after Hurricane Ida.  Four members of the Ewing Green Team represented Ewing at the Scudder Falls site, as well as other community members.  The fifteen total volunteers picked up 25 bags of trash with an estimated weight of appr. 1,000 lbs.  Finds included: lots of recyclables such as glass and plastic bottles, aluminum cans and cardboard; shoes and clothing; mini kegs and food wrappers; the ever-present cigarette butts; diapers (eww); fishing Items (line, hooks, lures); styrofoam; toys and a wood pallet (memorialized in the trees right).

June 26, 2021 Shabakunk Creek Park Adoption Event.

The Glendale Civic Association is "Adopting a Park,"  the Shabakunk Creek Park, a little pocket park on Olden Avenue.  They are holding a native flower planting/beautification event on Saturday, June 26th beginning at 10 am.    

April 24, 2021 Earth Day Stream Cleanup 

In celebration of Earth Day, the Ewing Green Team, The Watershed Institute, and about 70 volunteers gathered along the Shabakunk Creek behind the Hollowbrook Community Center for our annual stream cleanup.  Pre-registration and COVID protocols were required.  Almost 900 pounds of trash were collected.

April 3, 2021 - Johnson Trolley Trail (JTT) Cleanup

An informal cleanup of a problem area reported by a local resident.  A small group of Green Team volunteers and local residents spent a morning making a difference on the historic Johnson Trolley Trail.  

March 20, 2021 - Spring Clean Up

First Day of Spring Clean Up at Moody Park.  Residents are encouraged to sign up for a 1 and a ½ hour slot between the hours of 10:30 am and 3 pm online to ensure proper social distance and health protocols at Moody Park.  Community members will be notified upon sign-up as to their reporting location at the Park.  An inclement weather date is planned for Saturday, March 27, 2021. 
Thanks to local business, Rita's of Ewing for supplying the post-event treats!


September 20, 2020 Trash Dash

On Sunday, September 20th, Ewingites took part in a TrashDash plogging event. This event was a part of a national all-day event run by Keep America Beautiful and coordinated by the Sustainable Ewing Green Team to get rid of litter and create a cleaner, greener, safer community for all.  In addition to commonly found litter, the 2020 TrashDash aimed at bringing awareness to the safety hazards of littered personal protective equipment (PPE), including used masks and gloves.

Delaware River Cleanup
Hurricane Ida Debris
Hard at work at our April 24th Stream Clean Up
Workers on the Johnson Trolley Trail

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