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Division of Roads

The DPW’s Division of Roads is responsible for general road and pothole repairs, street sweeping, traffic sign maintenance and roadway striping, storm drain maintenance, leaf and brush pickup, roadside weed and grass control, and tree work.

Road and Pothole Repairs

Road and pothole repair for roads under Township control is completed by the Division of Roads. Use our Feedback Form or call (609) 882-3382 to report a road concern or pothole. Please be sure to give an exact address or best description of the location of the pothole and include helpful landmarks, travel lane direction, adjacent addresses and any information that could assist us in locating and repairing the pothole. .

Mercer County maintains many of the roads within Ewing (list). If you see a pothole on a Mercer County roadway, please report its location by calling (609) 530-7510.

To report a pothole on a NJ State maintained road, please use the form from the Dept. of Transportation.

Street Sweeping

The DPW’s Division of Roads sweeps all Township roads starting in the spring through the fall as scheduling permits. All vehicles should be parked off the road where possible when the sweeper is scheduled for your area.

Storm Drain Maintenance

The DPW’s Division of Roads inspects and clears obstructed sewer lines, cleans catch basins and repairs broken lines. Residents are asked to ensure that yard waste is not placed within 10 feet from the nearest storm drain outlet. 

Reminder: To keep our storm drains clear, insure better water quality, and to comply with NJDEP environmental protection guidelines, no loose leaves or brush are permitted at the curb.  Leaves and other yard debris (including grass) must be bagged in biodegradable PAPER bags (containers may be used as an alternative). 

See also our Stormwater Pollution Prevention page with the Muncipal Stormwater Management Plan for the Township of Ewing for the Township's official strategies addressing stormwater-related impacts.

Snow Removal

Ewing has approximately 110 miles of roadways that are plowed by the DPW. County roads in Ewing (see list) are plowed by Mercer County Road crews and the State of NJ road crews plows Interstate 95, Pennington Road (Rte. 31) and Rte. 29 (River Road).

Removal Regulations

Ewing Township does not maintain any sidewalks with exception of the sidewalks at municipal facilities. Property owners are responsible for removing snow from their sidewalks within 12 hours of daylight after the snow/ice has fallen. (See Township Code, §325-1)

Removal Policy

De-icing materials are spread at the beginning of a snow event to prevent the bonding of snow or ice to the road surface. Plowing operations follow when a determination is made that sufficient snow exists to be a hazard to traffic.
It usually takes approximately 24 to 36 hours to complete service to Ewing Roads in entirety. The Twp. is only responsible for the removal of ice and/or snow from Ewing owned roads.


  • We request that all vehicles be parked in driveways and off the streets. This allows more efficient snow removal by road crews and allows emergency workers to respond quickly while driving under treacherous conditions. (See Township Code, §225-6)
  • Drive only when necessary and prepare your vehicle for snow conditions.
  • Never throw snow into streets.


The Township’s snow removal crews work diligently to keep roads snow free and clear. Operating snowplow equipment is a visually difficult task. Visibility is reduced by the weather event itself and the need to work through the night depending upon the timing. Staff make every effort to avoid damage to private property that is too close to the street.  The United States Postal Service has guidelines regarding mailbox placement to guard against mailbox damage.

For problems with snow removal and to report a complaint

Ewing Roads - (609) 882-3382
Mercer County Roads - (609) 530-7500
State of N.J., Department of Transportation (732) 308-4086