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(609) 883-2900 
2 Jake Garzio Drive
Ewing, NJ 08628

Planning Board


Mailing Address
Ewing Township Planning Board
Ewing Municipal Building
2 Jake Garzio Drive
Ewing, NJ 0828
p: (609) 883-2900 Ext 7677

Board Members

Bert Steinmann [Term exp. 12/31/24]
Kevin Baxter [Term exp. 12/31/24]
Derrick D. Smith [Term exp. 12/31/24]
Richard Owen [Term exp. 12/31/24]
Shirley Hicks [Term exp. 12/31/27]
Laurence Ganges [Term exp. 12/31/25]
Jeff Preischel [Term exp. 12/31/24]
Evan Crumiller [Term exp. 12/31/24]
Kevin Baxter, Council Liaison [Term exp. 12/31/24]
Fredricka Billups [Term exp. 12/31/24]
Shirley Thomas [Term exp. 12/31/25]
Michael Angelastro - Engineer
Michael Herbert  - Attorney
Charles Latini - Planner
Imelda Wollert - Recording Secretary

Planning Board Information

The Ewing Planning Board is an advisory board to Township Council and is composed of nine regular and two alternate volunteer members.   These include the Mayor, a member of Council, a member of the Environmental Commission, six other citizens and two alternates.


The Planning Board selects the following officers from among its regular members: a Chairman, a Vice Chairman, and a Secretary (who may or may not be a member of the Board or an employee of the Township). Expenditures include the appointment of a PB attorney and experts and staff as deemed necessary, not to exceed amounts appropriated in the annual municipal budget.


The Planning Board is responsible for preparing the Township’s Master Plan, subdivisions, site plan review and residential variances in compliance with requirements of the New Jersey Municipal Land Use Law.  They also make recommendations to Council regarding changes to the zoning ordinances, official map and capital improvement projects planned within the Township.
The recommendations and decisions of the board are subject to the review and approval of Township Council.


Planning Board Meeting Schedule


The Municipal Planning Board meets on the first Thursday of every month. The meeting schedule is subject to change and additional meetings may be added if necessary.  Please check the website Calendar for additions/changes to regularly scheduled meetings.  Meeting Agendas, including Site Review Schedules are published in the News & Announcements section of the website prior to the meetings.  

Rules for Public Participation

The Board invites and encourages participation by the public in its meetings.    The public will have an opportunity to address the Board during the “Statements and Comments from Members of the Public” segment of each respective application.  Open public comment is also permitted at the conclusion of the meeting.

  • Sign up on the sheet, noting the topic on which you will speak. (The sheet is at the table in front of the dais.)  The Board also invites latecomers to speak at this time who have not signed up. 
  • Come forward to the microphone when you speak.
  • When recognized by the Chair, state your name and address for the official record before directing your question or comment to the presiding officer.  Be sure to speak clearly into the microphone.
  • You will have five minutes to speak, unless otherwise instructed.

Planning Board Meeting Documents