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Solar Panel Installation

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A Primer for Solar System Roof Installation

We're glad you’re thinking solar. Installing solar panels on your roof will not only help the environment, but also save you money on your electric bills.

The Code Enforcement Department would like to help you easily navigate the process of upgrading your home with solar panels through our department. The process for a solar installation on your home involves the same permits and inspections that most home improvements require.

Contact & Hours

Mailing Address
Construction Office
Township of Ewing
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Hours of Operation
M - F - 8:30am - 4pm
**Closed 12pm - 1pm daily**

Building Subcode Offical
James Megna (609) 883-2900 X7673

Electrical Subcode Official
Mike Stallone(609) 883-2900 X7673 

Administrative Assistant
Lisa Litz (609) 883-2900 X7677

Paper Applications and Forms

Digital Forms

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Ask us about Senior Discounts for Ewing Township issued Construction Permits

If you are 65 or older you are entitled to a 25% discount on your construction permit!


  • You must own and live at the property. Proof of residency and age such as a driver’s license is required. (NO PO Boxes)
  • All discounts need to requested prior to the issuance of the permit. No discounts will be given once the permit has been issued and paid for!!!

Discounts apply to Ewing Township issued permits only.  Mercer County or State of NJ required permits are not eligible for this discount. 

For more information call 609-883-2900 X7677

Required Permits

  • Acquire all prior approvals, zoning is needed for commercial installations only.
  • A Residential solar installation does not require zoning approvals at this time.
  • For a Single-Family Residential Dwelling: Fill out a construction permit consisting of a building, fire and electrical applications.
  • For Commercial Buildings: Fill out permits for Building, Electrical and Fire.
  • Include all costs for material and labor in the Estimated costs of work area at the bottom of the permit.
  • Due to zoning restrictions, no ground arrays are allowed.

Plans and Supporting Documents 

  • Submit two signed and sealed plans provided by a design professional showing panel layout on the roof of the house and locations of all electrical devices and connections. Include electrical specification sheets for all components. Your solar contractor may provide in house licensed engineering services.
  • Submit two signed and sealed letters describing and verifying the current roof structure and its ability to support the increased load due to the new solar panel system.
  • If the roof cannot support the new load, provide details for upgrading the structure to enable it to support the system load.
  • Submit all technical specification documentation for solar panels and rack supports or rack less clip systems.


Solar System Pricing currently stated in Ewing’s Fee Ordinance

  • Building permit fees are calculated on a percentage of the total cost of work.
  • Electrical permit fees
    • 1 to 50 kw: $75
    • 51 to 100 kw $150
    • Greater than 100 kw: $576
    • Additional costs for switches, service equipment and other expenses may be required.
  • Fire Permit $50

After Your Application for Permits

  • Permit applications will be reviewed within 20 business days
  • One of our Technical Assistants will call you or your contractor to pay for and pick up the permits.
  • Due to DCA state regulations, no online application submissions are allowed at this time.


  • Schedule inspections through the SDL portal
  • Plans and all supporting documentation released by the construction department must be on site. If the homeowner cannot be home, the released plans can be put in a conspicuous place on site, such as at the front door.
  • There will be two inspections for systems that use a rack attachment
    • Inspections for the rack before the panels are placed, lag screw spacing and rack placement are inspected.
  • At the final inspection the attic will be inspected to assure that all rack screws have penetrated the roof rafters accurately and that none have missed the rafters. The homeowner or a responsible person of legal age must be present to allow the inspector into the house.
  • After final inspections a certificate of approval will be issued, usually by mail, to the solar contractor or homeowner.


SDL Portal


Ewing Township’s SDL Portal is a cloud-based service that provides citizens, contractors and other professionals with ready access to up-to-date Ewing data and services whenever they need it, 24/7. Creation of an account is required to participate.
  • Click here to view the status of your application.  
  • Click here to request an inspection.
  • Click here to file a Code Enforcement complaint

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