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Ask us about Senior Discounts for Ewing Township issued Construction Permits

If you are 65 or older you are entitled to a 25% discount on your construction permit!


  • You must own and live at the property. Proof of residency and age such as a driver’s license is required. (NO PO Boxes)
  • All discounts need to requested prior to the issuance of the permit. No discounts will be given once the permit has been issued and paid for!!!

Discounts apply to Ewing Township issued permits only.  Mercer County or State of NJ required permits are not eligible for this discount. 

For more information call 609-883-2900 X7677

SDL Portal


Ewing Township’s SDL Portal is a cloud-based service that provides citizens, contractors and other professionals with ready access to up-to-date Ewing data and services whenever they need it, 24/7. Creation of an account is required to participate.
  • Click here to view the status of your application.  
  • Click here to request an inspection.
  • Click here to file a Code Enforcement complaint
How best to contact us
Due to the extremely heavy volume, we encourage and request all residents to communicate with this Office in electronic format. This will facilitate the process as Officials/Inspectors are generally out on the road and not available to take requests during that time. Communication with the Construction Office may be done by the following preferred methods:
  1. Our preferred method of requesting all inspections and filing all complaints, etc is to use SDL Online Portal. This will start an electronic paperwork trail. Information on the SDL Portal is available here.
  2. The next best method of contact for inspection related items, questions for plan reviewers or inspectors is via email. Emails regarding inspections must be sure to include the following information: Permit #, which inspection type you are looking for, 3 dates (no time frame available) you wish to have inspection and the address of the property to be inspected.


  • Review all applications and plans submitted for new construction and / or alterations in accordance with the Uniform Construction Code and its adoption of various codes related to building, electrical, elevator, fire, HVAC and plumbing.
  • Inspect all residential, commercial and industrial buildings during the various phases of construction. No work shall begin until a permit – if needed – has been issued.
  • Investigate all buildings and structures which have been damaged to ensure they can be safely occupied.


Please use the  SDL Portal to schedule an inspection request.

Required Permits

Emergency Work can start immediately once our office has been notified. The property owner has 72 hours to submit the appropriate permit requests[s]. Valid emergencies include roof leaks, heater repairs / replacements and other conditions which may affect the safety of the occupant[s].

Permits are not required for day-to-day repairs and / or improvements including painting, window and door replacement using new material of the same dimensions and carpet installations.

Required Plans

Residential drawings can be done by the homeowner if the unit is a single family dwelling and the homeowner resides at the location of the proposed construction. The plans must be submitted in duplicate, accompanied by the appropriate technical applications, and are subject to the approval of the code official.

Commercial drawings must be completed by an NJ-licensed architect or engineer and submitted in duplicate with the appropriate technical applications. Commercial applicants are also required to submit final “as builts” in digital form on a CD.

Installation Procedures

Requirements of the NJ Uniform Code Construction Code and enforced through the Ewing Code Construction Office.
Where to go for additional information on:

  • Above Ground Pools - Above ground pools (onground pools) shall be installed to the 2015 International Swimming Pools and Spa Code (ISPSC): Chapter 7 - Onground Storable Residential Swimming Pools.
  • In Ground Pools - In ground pools shall be installed to the 2015 International Swimming Pools and Spa Code (ISPSC):  Chapter 8 - Permanent Inground Residential Swimming Pools
  • Installation Procedure for Irrigation / Well Meters - Ewing residents have an option to install an irrigation (2nd) meter for measuring the water usage for maintaining the lawns, plants, swimming pool, etc. The residents who have a well on their property also have the option to install a meter for actual sewer usage.  The secondary meter will measure the volume of water used exclusively outside of the house that does not enter a sanitary sewer system, therefore, this water usage will not be applied into the calculation of the sewage disposal bill for the property.