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Closed from 12–1pm

(609) 883-2900 
2 Jake Garzio Drive
Ewing, NJ 08628

All Staff Contacts

To contact the Code Enforcement Office by phone, dial 609-883-2900, then the extension listed below. Please remember that due to the extremely heavy volume we encourage and request that you first try to contact us in electronic format.

(609) 882-9885 x112

Construction Official Jim Megna X7017 
Assistant Construction Official  Mike Wright x7611
Electrical Subcode Official Rich Sferra x7683
Building Subcode Official Matt Tomenchok x7659 
Fire Subcode Official  Rich Soltis  x7672
Plumbing Subcode Official Mike Wright X7611
Elevator Subcode Official MIC  201-437-6327
Zoning Official/ETRA Chuck Latini x7648 
Office Supervisor Lisa Litz x7677 
Uniform Construction Code (UCC) Inspectors:      
Fire Rich Soltis x7672 
Electrical  Bob Griffith x7682 
Building Matt Tomenchok x
Fire Prevention      
Fire Marshal Mike Nelson (609) 882-9885 x112 
Administrative Assistant to Fire Marshal Shannon Kane (609) 882-9885 x112 
Housing Ken Bradley x7668 
Code Enforcement Anthony Messina x7645 
Code Enforcement Bill Marchalewicz x7670 
Code Enforcement Gerry Jacobs X7681 
Office Clerk Imelda Wollert x7675 
Office Clerk  Amy Mostrangeli x7676 
Office Clerk  Karen Bruccoleri x7018