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Senior Programs

All regular service senior activities have been suspended until further notice.  This includes all Senior Luncheon shows, club meetings, AARP classes, cooking programs, Senior Citizen Advisory meetings and activities at the Senior Center are canceled for the remainder of 2020.  Karen's Exercises Classes and the Line Dance classes will be held outside on the Patio at the ESCC for as long as the weather permits.
The Senior Office sponsors a wide variety of recreational activities for residents age 60 and above with a full array of social activities to while away the hours and enjoy the companionship of other Ewing Seniors.  From card games to  darts, to the award-winning Ewing Pool Sharks, to opportunities for lifelong learning and enrichment, to arts and crafts, and fitness and exercise, there is always plenty to do and people to see.  We offer something for everyone!   Scroll down this page to learn about Ewing Senior Clubs, Social Activities, and the wide array of Classes offered (for specifics about classes hover with your mouse over the image for each activity).  Unless otherwise noted, all programs are held at the Ewing Senior and Community Center at 999 Lower Ferry Road.


Socialization is a very important element in the lives of the mature citizens of the Ewing community. Coming together once a month, enables our seniors to interact with their peers. Special informational presentations are shared by various vendors, to keep attendees updated on senior related issues such as, Medicare, Fraud, Insurance, Social Security, etc. Light refreshments are served. Sometimes, entertainment is called in to perform on a club meeting date.  Members of the clubs pay an annual fee ranging from $8 -$10.

Club A

Third Wednesdays at 11 AM  Formed around 1979, the birth of this club, was the foundation for the future senior clubs under the Township (Livewires, Busy C’s, Club D, and Hollowbrook Seniors).  Jackie Anderson Krauss is the current club President.


First Tuesdays at 11:00 AM  Mature members of the Ewing Community come together to fellowship. Find out the latest changes for Medicare or Social Security. Sometimes vendors are scheduled to present new products. Mary Bock serves as President for this group.

Busy C’s

Third Tuesdays at 11 AM  Need to fill a day on your social calendar? Let Sylvia Carroll, President of the Busy C’s, show you how to keep busy. If you are not already a member, come visit them on the third Tuesday of the month at 11:00 AM.  

Club D

First Thursdays at 11 AM  Club D members meet and enjoy each other’s company, while drinking coffee and sampling baked goods that members have donated. Ralph Csogi is the President.

Hollowbrook Seniors

Second Fridays at 1PM  The last senior group to form was the Hollowbrook Seniors. Lead by its President, Florine Warner, an annual project of the club, is to collect vegetable seed packets to send to Africa.


Practices daily between 8:30 AM - 4:30 PM The Ewing Township Pool Sharks joined The Central Jersey Senior Pool League during the summer of 2017.  Many pool clubs from North and Central Jersey have felt the bite of “The “Sharks.” As of March 2018, our Team has not broken their winning streak. Members practice daily; with the more advanced members sharing their expertise with team mates. Under the leadership of Thomas Keaton, the members of Ewing Pool Sharks hope to continue to bring home victories, as they work toward their goal of “putting Ewing on the map.” There is an annual fee for membership to the club: $20 for residents and $40 for non-residents.  



Thursdays from 1:00 PM to 6:00 PM  Anyone entering the doors at ESCC, will first smell the wonderful aroma of comfort food; followed by animated conversation, music from days gone by and the sound of hearty laughter. Devoted Bid Whist players gather on Thursdays with their playing partners to trick, and annihilate the other team.


Mondays at 1 PM  B-I-N-G-O Ewing is the place to go! “Round Robin,” “Four Corners,” “Double Bingo on One Card, Full Board,” etc. Come out to collect your winnings at our weekly Bingo Games.

Do not miss our once a month “Special Bingo” from Noon - 3 PM when players have an opportunity to enjoy a light lunch or win special prizes!!!  

2020 DATES: (Mondays) Jan 13, Feb 10, Mar 16, Apr 13, May 11, Jun 29, July 20, Aug 17, Sept 14, Oct 19, Nov 23, and Dec 21.  


August (First week) 11 AM – 1 PM  Mature residents of Ewing Township, age 60 and older are invited to join in for this wonderful event. Past participants in this activity have shared with us, how much they enjoy interacting with our Teen Travel Group! Whether it is cooking on the grill or serving up dessert, the youth really make our seniors feel special. It is great to see the seniors and teens come together to dance the “Waddle,” “Electric Slide,” and other popular dances. Weather permitting, this event will be held on the patio area of the Ewing Senior and Community Center, 999 Lower Ferry Road, Ewing, NJ 08628.


First Wednesdays 1 -3 pm  Let your taste buds experience the culinary delights of exotic places as we travel around the world.  In the past, we have sampled food from:  The Caribbean, Poland, Ireland, Italy and India.  

Food is prepared at the center by the Senior Office Team and a little help from the Recreation. Please note that food is prepared with care, and members of the Senior Department are ServSafe Certified, to assure you that food is prepared correctly. 

Entertainment has been added to this event.  Seating is limited to 50.  A small fee is charged. 


Selected Fridays Noon - 2 PM (please note the exceptions this year) Senior Citizens enjoy a full lunch (usually selected by our Senior Citizen Advisory Commission), followed by live entertainment. In the past we have seen the late Clifford Adams, Roundabout360, Dennis Anderson of the Coasters, Barbara Harris of The Toys, Elvis impressionists Craig Newell and Rubin Castillo, Karikter and more. Unless otherwise indicated, we reserve the Community Room at 320 Hollowbrook Drive for our events. The cost is $7 ($12 for a couple) for Ewing residents and $12 for non-residents.

The lineup for 2020 is as follows: 

Friday, January 24th, JoAnn Roberts - JoAnn is a vocalist and actress who has been performing since the age of 3.  She was nominated for an Emmy in the 2011 WWII documentary feature film, 5,000 Miles from Home.  She is also the recipient of a Bronze Telly Award for the film's music score.  

Friday, Febuary 21st- Bobby Emmons - (Country Western Plus) – Bobby is a performing member of national recording acts: The Mello Kings (Tonite, Tonite) and the Safaris (Image of a Girl). He has performed in concert with Tommy Roe (Sheila, Dizzy), Johnny Tillison (Poetry in Motion), Brian Hyland (Sealed with a Kiss), Don and Juan (What’s Your Name), and many others. Bobby has also hosted a radio show for the last 17 years and has interviewed many music icons such as the Beach Boys, Edgar Winter, Frankie Vallie, and many others. Bob has also written and produced many original songs and has released numerous CDs.

Monday, March 30th - Frankie G - Frankie started young in a Latin Band, performing Salsa and merengue Music.  Later he performed solo in the 80's for a short time. He moved away for a time, but on his return to Jersey he started as a DJ for parties, karaoke and perfomring at parties.  Recenjtly, he started a band, "Sharp Tones." 

Friday, April 24th - Keith Hickman - Keith Hickman is a dynamic singer! His versatility created demand for his talent. In addition to his singing, he also took roles as an actor in plays, started writing songs, and became adept as a standup comedian.
Friday, May 22nd - Tim and Kim - A husband and wife singing duo who have been performing together for several years.  Their repertoire consists of all types of music from Broadway to jazz, country to Motown and spiritual to classics. 

Friday, June 19th - Karickter Duo- Karen and Rick are another husband and wife team that performs under their combined name, Karickter.  Their sound is a mix of R&B, Jazz standards, classic swing, and soulful contemporary music.  

July and August - TBA

Friday, September 25th, Bob Foster- Whether it is Sinatra, singing songs about our Country, or paying tribute to Liza Minnelli, Francine & Joel can do it all! Our show this month will be featuring Broadway hits. 

Friday, Oct 23rd, Pam & Steve - Pam Wahlberg and Steve Lucas have had a passion for music since childhood.  Pam started singing very early in church.  She is now in demand as a freelance singer both live on stage and in recording studios with a wide variety of bands and name artists.  She is also an accomplished lyricist.  
Steve is an accomplished musician on the guitar, as well as a producer/arranger and has created regional and national level work.  He performs with and consults for world class artists, including Les Par.  

Friday, November 20th, Anthony DiDio -  Born in Brooklyn, Anthony started signing in choirs from age 9.  Later, he became the lead singer for the wedding band he joined.  For 30 years he has also been a DJ and emcee.  He takes on the voices of many famous vocalists, such as Sinatra, Dean Martin, Engelbert Humperdinck and more. 

Friday, December 11th or 19th Date to be announced - Holiday Party - Entertainers TBA.

Interested in making reservations for our Senior Luncheon Shows? Contact the Senior Office by calling 609.883.1776 x 6205. Also feel free to stop in the Senior Office at the Ewing Senior and Community Center, room 204. We will be happy to assist you!




Receive a discount on your Automobile Insurance by attending a six-hour AARP Safe Driving Class. AARP reports that 9/10 drivers improved on their driving behavior, and 92% of workshop participants recommended the course to friends.

2020 Sessions

Jan 9, Feb 13, Mar 12, Apr 9, May 14, June 11, July & August- No Class, Sept 10, Oct 8, Nov 12 and Dec 10

Time: place 9:00 AM – 3PM Location: Ewing Senior and Community Center

Price increase notice

Please note that beginning July 1st there will be a price increase. AARP members will pay $20 and non-members will pay $25.



First Tuesdays at 1:30 PM (for Q&AA session) Whether it is a beginner’s computer class or introducing a novice to using their first iPad, CLC at Ewing has something for everyone! Anyone age 50 and older can take advantage of this wonderful opportunity to explore the world of technology! Also, the fee for each class is just right for the pocket!

Located in the Ewing Township Senior and Community Center, the CLC operates a state-of-the-art learning laboratory, with eight individual computers and 22 inch monitors that allow students to have hands on experience during the lessons. Classes are given on PCs, and we also offer training in the use of iPads - the new tablets from Apple.

Classes are taught by an enthusiastic group of senior volunteers who understand the challenge of learning a new skill and will teach the classes at a pace that enables all our students to "learn by doing. Every first Tuesday of the month, enjoy a Q & A session prior to a lecture on the newest technology.

For a full schedule of classes go to


Bible Study

Wednesdays – 12 Noon – 1:30 PM. Ladies from areas churches come together to glean theological knowledge about the Bible. This non-denominational group also shares food during the lesson.


Exercise and Fitness

NOTE: It is strongly advised that anyone participating in our exercise activities, seek the permission of their physician. Please inform your instructor of special concerns or range of motion limitations before you join a class. Seniors, especially individuals aged 65 and older, should be aware of your workout environment (i.e. too hot). It is extremely important that you drink fluids throughout your session, to stay hydrated.


(Free to Seniors daily between – 9:00 AM to 11:00 AM) Mature adults 60 and over can take advantage of our weight room. There is no charge if you use the equipment during the time set aside for seniors. Whether you just want to get in a little exercise or strengthen and tone your body; come check out the treadmills, stationary bikes, ellipticals and weights.


Saturdays 9:15 AM – 10:15 AM No, you do not have to bend like a pretzel to attend this class! Join our Yoga Instructor Tracey Parks, on Saturday mornings for a Yoga class that is tailored just for seniors and those with limited range of motion. The sessions take place on the second floor, in room 201 at the Hollowbrook Community Center. Hollowbrook is located at 320 Hollowbrook Drive, Ewing, New Jersey. Tracey Parkes is the instructor. The class is free to senior residents of Ewing Township.


Tuesdays 9:30 AM to 10:30 AM Instructor Karen Martin teaches participants, low/no impact aerobics class set to music. There are easy moves, and most importantly, fun for all! The class also works on balance and light weight training. Join the class in the Community Room over at the Hollowbrook Community Center, 320 Hollowbrook Drive, Ewing, New Jersey.


Wednesdays in January at 9:30 AM. The class, by Bob Kirby, will be offered to Ewing seniors at no charge. Be sure to register by filling out the Center's annual waiver / registration form in the Senior office.


Thursdays at 10 AM (first Thursdays at Hollowbrook, the rest at the Ewing Senior and Community Center) A class that alternates between no impact moves and weight training. The use of exercise bands, help with resistance training. This class is also set to music for a fun time. Karen Martin is the instructor for the class.


End of June to the last week in August- 9:30 AM to Noon. Water exercises proves to be the perfect way to work out. Participants with limited range of motion due to age, injury or surgery, will find enjoyment in this non-weight bearing exercise. While in the pool, a certified instructor will lead participants through various routines. Individuals wishing to just do lap swimming are also welcomed. This very popular summer program fills up very fast. There is a limit on non-residential registration. The cost is $20.00 for residents and $40.00 for non-residents.

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