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Purple Heart walk

The Purple Heart Medal is our country's oldest military decoration.  It was originally designated as the Badge of Military Merit and established by General George Washington from his headquarters at Newburgh, New York, on August 7, 1782.  So far as the known surviving records show, this honor badge was granted to only three men, all of them noncommissioned officers.  

Following the Revolution, the Order of the Purple Heart fell into disuse and no further awards were made. It was revived by President Herbert Hoover on the 200th Anniversary of George Washington’s birth on 22 February 1932 out of respect to his memory and military achieve-ments.  The Purple Heart is awarded to members of the Armed Forces of the United States who are wounded by an instrument of war in the hands of the enemy and posthumously to the next of kin in the name of those who are killed in action or die of wounds received in action. It is specifically a combat decoration.  At this time it has been awarded to over 1.8 million Americans.

Purple Heart Walk recognizing Township members of the Armed Forces who earned the Purple Heart was established at the Major General George J. Betor Veterans Memorial Park in 1994.  Each recipient is honored with a brick with the name, branch of service, and rank.  Additions to the walk are honored annually at the Veterans Day ceremony.  The Purple Heart Walk is a project of the Ewing Patriotic Committee and sustained by grant funding. 

The asterisk (*) following a name indicates that the serviceman/woman died in wartime.

If you have a service member who earned a Purple Heart and would like to have them included in the memorial, please contact the Patriotic Committee at or call the office between 12:30 and 4:30 on Wednesdays at (609) 883-1776 x6208.   

First Name Middle Name Last Name        Suffix             Rank              Branch              Served                 Year Dedicated      
John   Adams   CPL USMC WWII 1994
Charles               S.                                  Allen Jr. SGT Army Korea 1995
William  H.  Ayres   PFC USMC WWII 1997
Peter   Barbon   SSG Army WWII 1995
Stanley   Begonsky   MGS USMC WWII 1994
Domenick   Belardo   PFC Army WWII 1996
John    Benarick   TSG Army WWII 1994
Albert   Bennett   CM2 Navy WWII 1994
Edward   Bettino   PFC Army WWII 1994
John L. Biddulph   SP5 Army Vietnam 1995
John E. Blackton Jr. PFC Army WWII 1994
Walter  J.  Blicharz   SSG Army WWII 1995
Joseph A. Brennan   SGT Army WWII 1996
Dennis J. Brophy   PFC Army Vietnam 1995
Samuel   Bryant   CK2 Navy WWII 1994
Richard   Cavallo   SP5 Army Vietnam 1994
Sherman   Chapman Jr.  SFC Army Vietnam 1995
Kenneth B. Charlesworth   PFC Army WWII 1994
John N. Clugston III PFC Army WWII 1997
Edward L. Crutchley   PFC Army WWII 1994
Julian   Dawidowski   SGT Army WWII- Kor 1994
Ronald   DeLorenzo   PFC USMC Vietnam 1995
James L Dovicsak   1SG Army WWII  
Richard J. Duncan   1SG USMC Korea  
George E. Embley   PFC Army WWII 1996
William R. Embley   PFC Army WWII 1996
Edward  W. Fedorko   TEC5 Army WWII 1996
George G. Ferrogine   CPL USMC Vietnam 1994
John F. Flemming   TEC3 Army WWII 1995
John E. Fox   LTC Army WWII 1995
Samuel   Gardy   SSG Army Vietnam 1994
Stanley A. Golinsky   PFC Army WWII 1996
William   Gomane   PVT Army Vietnam 1994
Robert    Gray   E5 Army Vietnam 1994
William   Hall   SGT Army Vietnam 1994
Russell   Hanauer   CPL USMC WWII 1994
Samuel  L. Hedrick   PFC Army WWII 1996
Charles Walter Heenan   SGT Army Vietnam 1994
Albert   Hirsh   SSG Army WWII 1994
William B. Hirst*   SGT Army WWII  
Joseph J. Hubal   PFC Army WWII 1995
Salvatore   Ingoglia   TEC5 Army WWII 1997
William T. Jacobus   WO1 Army Vietnam 1995
Frank C. Jobst   PFC Army WWII 1995
Nevel   Jones   PFC Army WWII 1994
Robert    Jones   SGT Army WWII 1994
William  J. Joseph   PFC Army WWII 1995
Benjamin   Kaufman   SGT Army WWI 1994
Harry A. Klein Jr. T5 Army WWII 1994
Frank   Kleinkauft   S2C Navy WWII 1994
Chester R. Kolczynski   SGT Army WWII 1994
Richard A. Kulp   SGT Army WWII 1994
Howard   LaBaw Jr. MM1/C Navy WWII 1995
Michael   LaRossa   CPT Army WWII 1995
Leonard P. Liick   PFC Army WWII 1994
Warren   Lively II SP4 Army Vietnam 1995
Robert  C.  Marine   1SG Army WWII  
Isador   Markowitz   COL Army WWII- Korea 1994
Jose R. Martinez   PFC Army Korea 1996
Josephus D. McCoy   SFC Army Vietnam 1997
Joseph Richard Mooney   1SG Army Korea 1994
Edward   Moore   CPL USMC WWII  
Henry A. Morris Sr. SSG Army WWII 1995
Robert C. Norton   CPL USMC Vietnam  
Joseph E. Nyzio   SGT Army Iraq  
Frank G. Pelczar   PFC Army WWII 1994
Harold J. Pfleiderer   T5 Army WWII 1994
Richard Lee Powell   AIC Air Force Korea 1994
Arthur W. Purks   C6 3/C Navy Vietnam 1996
Vincent   Rinkus   PFC Army WWII 1994
Walter S. Rzuczek   PFC Army WWII 1994
William R. Schaub   MAJ Army Vietnam  
George E. Scherer   SPC4 Army Vietnam  
Edwin   Schmierer   ILT Army WWII 1994
John   Shipman   SGT Army Vietnam 1994
Julian C. Skorupa   PVT Army WWII 1994
Charles D. Smith   PFC Army WWII 1994
Robert    Smith   GSG USMC Vietnam 1994
Walter    Smith   PFC Army WWII  
William E. Smith   PVT Army WWII  
Edward W. Sneddon   1SG Army WWII  
Frank Chester Sochalski   CPL USMC WWII 1994
Bernard E. Solinksy   TSG Army WWII 1995
Vincent   Spanicciati   CPL USMC Vietnam 1994
Jerry   Sylvia   PFC USMC Vietnam 1995
Nicholas  G. Tackas   SGT USMC Vietnam  
Preston H. Turner   PFC USMC Vietnam 1995
Jonah   Umstead   CPL Army WWII 1994
Richard A. Updike   SGT Army WWII 1994
Albert W.  Van Lieu Jr. SGT USMC Vietnam 1995
Ralph   Vecere   EM2 Navy WWII 1994
William S.  Vernam   SGT USMC WWII 1997
Harry E. Wagner   LCPL USMC Vietnam 1995
Malmid   Walstad   SSG Army WWII 1994
Joseph B. Wargo   SGT Army Vietnam  
David   Webb   PFC Army Vietnam 1994
Daniel L. Whalan   SSG USMC Vietnam 1995
Edward   Williams   SGT Army Vietnam  
William E. Wilson   CPL Army Korea 1995
Anthony W. Witkum   SSG Army WWII 1994
Horace   Woolverton   LTC Army WWII 1994
Robert  W. Worthington   PFC Army Vietnam 1995
Charles  F. Wucinski   PVT Army WWII 1997
Joseph  M. Yatsko   CPL Army WWII  
Albert    Young   PFC Army WWII 1994
Fred W. Zabitosky   SFC Army Vietnam 1997