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Construction Updates

Parkway Avenue Road Improvement Plans

Parkway Avenue (CR 634), Scotch Road (CR 611) to Route 31 (Pennington Road) Project

A Public Information Center (PIC) was held on November 20, 2023, to provide local residents, officials, businesses and the general public with information on the Parkway Avenue (CR 634), Scotch Road (CR 611) to Route 31 (Pennington Road) project. About 20+ people attended.

The drawings have been supplied by the Engineering Division of the Transportation and Infrastructure Department of Mercer County.  They are noted as *preliminary.*  Please also note that these are large files and may take time to load.  You may click on each image below for an even larger document, however, these are VERY large and will be very slow loading.

Project Summary

The project is located along Parkway Avenue (CR 634) between Scotch Road and Pennington Road in Ewing Township and the City of Trenton, Mercer County. Parkway Avenue is classified as an Urban Minor Arterial with a posted speed limit of forty (40) miles per hour between Scotch Road and Parkside Avenue, and thirty-five (35) miles per hour to the north of Parkside. It has a diverse mix of residential, commercial, and institutional zoning areas that requires a multi-modal design approach for vehicles, bicyclists, and pedestrians.

A primary interest will be that of addressing safety concerns throughout the project.  The project will focus on improving intersection safety while at the same time while providing adequate roadway capacity.

The project will implement a single-lane roundabout at North Olden Avenue, signalized intersection improvements at Lower Ferry Road, a corridor-wide road diet, and additional improvements for pedestrians. 

Concept Development Report  
The NJDOT CD Study was performed through the Federal Highway Administration’s (FHWA) Highway Safety Improvement Program in collaboration with project partners Mercer County and the Delaware Valley Regional Planning Commission (DVRPC). The purpose of the HSIP was to achieve a significant reduction in traffic fatalities and serious injuries on all public roadways through a data-driven, strategic approach to improving highway safety.

The project will implement the following proven safety measures:

  • Conversion of the North Olden Avenue intersection into a single-lane roundabout: Roundabouts reduce traffic crashes, eliminate the maintenance and energy costs associated with traffic signals, decrease air pollution by limiting vehicle idle time, and provide traffic calming effects and added pedestrian safety.
  • Corridor Wide Road Diet: Sections of four-lane road with no shoulders will be modified to two lanes in each direction with a center left-turn lane.
  • Bike Lanes: Conversion of the road from four lanes to three lanes will provide space for bicycle lanes in each direction.
  • Two-Way-Left-Turn-Lane (TWLTL): The proposed center left-turn lane will reduce rear end crashes since left-turning vehicles do not need to stop in an active through lane.
  • Signalized Improvements: At the Lower Ferry Road signalized intersection, improvements include a left-turn only lane on Lower Ferry Road southbound and a right-turn only lane on Parkway Avenue eastbound, which will reduce the delay per vehicle time. Left-turn only phasing will reduce crashes and increase safety. Existing signals at Farrell Ave and Parkside Ave will updated to current MUTCD (Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devicesand ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) standards to provide improved congestion relief and safety.
  • ADA Improvements: Pedestrian needs will be addressed by implementing new pedestrian refuge islands and ADA-compliant sidewalks throughout the project.
  • Bus stop bump-outs: Nine (9) newly constructed bus stop bump-outs along Parkway Avenue will allow for safer access for bus users as well as less delay time for drivers during bus stop schedules.
  • Rectangular Rapid Flashing Beacons (RRFB’s): Addition of RRFB’s and retroreflective pavement markings for crosswalks at unsignalized intersections will improve safety for pedestrians.

Traffic During Construction

Traffic during construction will typically be maintained utilizing lane shifts and alternating one-way traffic with flaggers. Construction of the Olden Avenue roundabout will require road closures with detours. Work that allows only a single-lane or diversion of traffic has been limited to non-peak-hours. Funding for the project is earmarked through the federally funded FHWA Highway Safety Improvement Program (HSIP).

Display 1 Scotch Rd - Dunmore Ave.

Parkway Ave Upgrades Scotch Road to Dunmore Ave.

Display 2 - Parkway Ave - Dunmore - Lexington

Parkway Ave. Upgrades Dunmore to Lexington

Display 3 - Parkway Ave Upgrades

Parkway Ave. Upgrades

Display 4 - Parkway, N. Olden, and Lexington Aves. Intersection

Parkway, N. Olden, and Lexington Aves Intersection

Display 5 - Proposed Road Diagrams

Parkway Ave Proposed Road Diagrams