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General Motors / Navy Center Redevelopment Plan

GM / Navy Redevelopment Updates

Creating a new town center from the ashes of what was once the economic backbone of this Township is exciting. With a mixed-use development program that includes over both sites 350,000 square feet of retail and live-work space and 1,182 new housing units aimed at the demographic profiles of young professional and the retiring baby-boom generation, we are well on our way toward economic prosperity.
The Planning Board has approved the site plan for GM and we will be seeing construction starting in the spring. While more negotiation has been required for the Naval Base, we appear to be moving forward.
We have listened and we are delivering, it just takes time.


We continue to be in constant communication with the Ewing Schools, and while nothing in life is guaranteed, we have a really good idea that impacts can and will be handled without much consternation – certainly without the need to build new buildings. It is my intent to continue working together to realize our potential as a community. We have worked with State of NJ in both the Economic area and the Environmental area. We have also worked closely with Mercer County as well as SEPTA and NJ Transit. All of these government agencies continue to be our partners in trying to nail down the very complex sewer, water, and roadway infrastructure issues that require creative solutions to deliver the type of place we’ve all envisioned.


There will certainly be additional opportunities for comment as development plans progress. As an Administration of action, we are also stepping up to deliver what we are committed to in the park and road improvements necessary to protect and enhance existing neighborhoods. In-fact, some of the development of GM will also include bicycle and pedestrian connections which link the community to our parks and open spaces, which we be embarking on an effort to make improvements on.


We are 100% committed to seeing this through the right way. While full build-out is expected to take 10 years, all plans this large evolve over time. We will remain committed to being vigilant as to any and all potential negative impacts moving forward. Our work is not done, but I am truly excited by our progress thus far.


Bert H. Steinmann, Mayor