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Fall 2019 Leaf Pickup Information

Information for Residents

On or about Oct 28th, the Township’s Public Works Department (DPW) will begin Fall Leaf Pickup.  Leaves may be bagged or loose; and placed at the curb.   Ewing is divided into 4 leaf collection zones for curbside pick-up (schedule).  The schedule is weather dependent. 

Curbside Pickup Regulations

Loose leaves only are permitted in piled at the curb or in paper leaf bags (only) for 2 weeks before the scheduled pickup.

Do NOT mix leaves with other yard waste.  Only leaves are collected during the Leaf Collection Program.  Under NO circumstances will the Township accept or pick-up leaves that are contaminated with grass, branches, stones or other debris during this season.

You may not put your loose leaves out to the curb prior to October 21st.   However, you may bag your leaves and put them out at the curb or take the bags to the Convenience Center on Jack Stephen Way. 

NO PLASTIC BAGS will be collected.  Biodegradable PAPER leaf bags only will be collected.  You may obtain Biodegradable PAPER leaf bags from the DPW (call 609-882-3382 for availability)

Whenever possible, do not park on the street when the collection crews are in your zone.

NJDEP Storm Water Regulations require that leaves be raked to the curb line (not in the road).  They also do not permit leaves to be in the road or 10 feet from a storm drain.

Why Can’t Leaves Simply Be Raked Into the Street?

  • They can cause local flooding by clogging catch basins and storm drains.
  • If dry, they are a fire hazard when in contact with catalytic converters of parked motor vehicles.
  • They become slippery when wet which may cause accidents.
  • They can temporarily reduce street width impeding traffic and become a potential traffic hazard.

Bagged Leaves

Residents may bag their leaves in biodegradable paper leaf bags and place them at the curb for pickup. The pickup for bagged leaves will follow the same schedule as the regular curbside pickup.

Follow the applicable “Curbside pickup” guidelines (above).

Only use biodegradable paper bags specifically made to hold leaves.  No exceptions will be made to this requirement.  NO PLASTIC BAGS will be collected.  Residents may obtain Biodegradable PAPER leaf bags from the Department of Public Works (DPW) facility at 136 Scotch Road as available.   (Call (609) 882-3382 to check availability.)

If not available at DPW, you may purchase leaf bags from home center stores.

Staging Center

A staging area for resident drop-off of loose leaves only will be available beginning November 4th at the Navy Center.  You must show proof of residency.


M-F: 7:30am - 2:30pm
Sat: 7:30am - 2:30pm
The Center will be closed on Veterans Day (November 11 Township Holiday), Thanksgiving (November 28), and the day after Thanksgiving (November 29);

Important Reminders

Do not mix twigs, tree branches, grass clippings, hedge trimmings or other organic debris, including mums and potting soil, in your leaf piles.

Please be considerate of your neighbors and cognizant of the State’s storm water regulations as well as Ewing’s Town Code regarding the collection of leaves and the placement of debris in the roadway.

We will post a notice about Christmas tree disposal after the holidays. 

As per the Ewing Fire Department, please do NOT park your vehicle on a pile of leaves, even if they are wet.   They may easily be ignited by the hot metal parts of your undercarriage.

Sustainable Fall Landscape Care

Residents are encouraged to opt for a greener solution and to compost as much as possible of their autumn leaf drop on their properties.  Please see the Ewing Green Team and Environmental Commission’s flyer that suggests a variety of sustainable fall landscaping tips. 

Anticipated Schedule

The scheduled pick up period is weather and volume dependent and will run from Oct 29, 2018 through Jan 10, 2020. 

The Township will be separated into 4 zones with 4 separate crews to start leaf pick up in all sections of Ewing. Upon completion of the first round, the second round will immediately begin.

During the months of November and December, the Public Works will continue to pick up all bagged leaves every day.  Regular garbage pickup will continue as scheduled. 

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