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Revaluation Update

Preliminary Assessed Value Notices Have Been Mailed

In accordance with New Jersey state law, the Township of Ewing has completed the initial phase of the revaluation process and preliminary value notifications have been mailed out to all residential and commercial / industrial property owners. Final assessments will need to be approved. Once the values are finalized, the official Notice of Assessments will be mailed.

The Township engaged the services of Professional Property Appraisers of Cinnaminson, NJ to conduct the revaluation of all properties throughout the town.

Things to keep in mind when you receive your revised assessment

  • The real estate market has changed significantly since the last revaluation conducted in 1992.
  • Your new assessment reflects the market value of your property as of October 1, 2018.

If you have questions about your revised assessment

If you disagree with your proposed new assessment and would like to discuss it in greater detail, you should contact Professional Property Appraisers to make an appointment for a one-on-one informal review to discuss your new value.

Schedule an appointment

Schedule an appointment as soon as possible by calling (800) 410-5815 between the hours of 9 am and 4 pm, Monday through Friday. Informal reviews will be held at the Ewing Senior and Community Center at 999 Lower Ferry Road. Meetings will be held Monday-Saturday; mornings, afternoons & evenings. The last date for informal reviews is Saturday, March 2nd. You may bring comparable sales to the informal review. See also the Professional Property Appraisers Sales List for Ewing.

Once the period for informal interviews has ended, all property owners who held a meeting will receive a notification of outcome.

Please do not call the Assessor’s Office, Collector’s Office nor Community Affairs to discuss your assessment or to schedule appointments. They do not have any information about your new value nor what the anticipated tax rate may be in July.

Final Assessed Values

Ewing Township will send out an Assessment Notification Postcard in Mid-March. This will include your new assessed value and last year’s taxes billed.

Tax Appeals

If you are not satisfied with the results of an informal review, a formal appeal may be filed with the Mercer County Board of Taxation. You cannot appeal comparing assessments nor taxes. You must prove value by use of closed comparable sales.

What costs can I expect if I file an appeal and go through the County process?


An appeal on assessed valuation:

Less than $150,000 ………………………………. $5.00

$150,000 to $500,000……………………………$25.00

$500,000 to $1,000,000 …………………….. $100.00

$1,000,000 or more ……………………………..$150.00

Is it necessary to hire an attorney?

It is up to the property owner. Some property owners hire an attorney to help them navigate the trail of paperwork, but many have completed the process without an attorney. The cost of the attorney is borne by the property owners.

Will The Revaluation Increase Taxes Overall?

Although revaluation will result in an increase of nearly each individual assessment, it does not mean that property taxes will increase. Assessments are merely a base used to apportion the tax burden. The tax burden is the amount that your municipality must raise for the operation of county and local government and support of the school system.

2019 Tax Rate

Once the 2019 Budgets are finalized, the County, Township and School District determine how much money must be raised through property taxation. The tax rate is based on those budgets. That tax rate is then applied to each individual assessment to determine each property owner’s taxes. The new tax rate and your new assessment will be reflected in tax bills that will be mailed out in early July.