Mon – Fri: 8:30 – 4:00
Closed from 12–1pm

(609) 883-2900 
2 Jake Garzio Drive
Ewing, NJ 08628

Where To Eat

There are numerous options for dining out in town, from fine dining to very casual, to take out.  If you are a restaurant owner in our community and we have missed your establishment, please Contact Us with your information so that we can add you to our listing.

Ajika Ramen Ramen (lunch and dinner)
400 Parkway Ave A3 (Birmingham Plaza)

Al’s Airport Inn American (dinner)
626 Bear Tavern Rd
(p) (609) 883-5252

Aroogas American
400 Main Boulevard
(p) 609-881-9464

At the Table 2 Soul food (lunch and dinner)
1980 North Olden Ave.
(p) 609-403-8129

Blooming Grove Inn American (lunch and dinner)
34 West Upper Ferry Rd.
(p) 609-882-1150

Café 72 (breakfast and lunch)
72 West Upper Ferry Rd.
(p) 609-882-0087

Cattani Catering / Restaurant American (lunch and dinner)
1569 Parkway Ave.
(p) 609-323-7190

Crab Du Jour Cajun Seafood and Bar Seafood (lunch and dinner)
1769 North Olden Avenue
(p) 609-403-6370

Erini Restaurant Mediterranean (lunch and dinner)
1140 River Rd.
(p) 609-882-0303

Firkin Tavern American (lunch and dinner)
1400 Parkway Ave.
(p) 609-771-0100

IHOP American (pancakes) (breakfast, lunch & dinner)
785 Parkway Ave.
(p) 609-403-8174

IndiGrill (modern Indian) (lunch and dinner)
TCNJ Campustown, 300 Main Blvd, Suite 501
(p) 609-570-0036
Open For Curbside Pickup & Delivery 

Mikonos Greek (lunch and dinner)
50 Scotch Road
(p) 609-883-9333

New Ewing Diner & Restaurant American (24 hrs.)
1099 Parkway Ave.
(p) 609-882-5519

Panera Bread American (lunch and dinner)
900 Lion Road
(p) 609-403-7081

Pete’s Steak House American (breakfast, lunch and dinner)
1855 N Olden Avenue Extension
(p) 609-771-6747

PJs Pancake House and Tavern American (pancakes, lunch and dinner)
938 Bear Tavern Road
(p) 609-493-4495

Pork Chops BBQ Portuguese BBQ (lunch and dinner)
1560 North Olden Ave. 
(p) 201-417-9992

The Lighthouse Jamaican (lunch and dinner)
1975 N. Olden Ave.
(p) 609-882-5876

Walkers Caribbean Cuisine Jamaican (Breakfast lunch and dinner)
1410 Parkway Ave,
(p) 609-770-6579

Italian Food / Pizza

Mama Flores Trattoria Italian (lunch and dinner)
1750 N. Olden Ave.
(p) 609-434-1188

Marsilio’s Kitchen Italian (lunch and dinner)
71 West Upper Ferry Rd.
(p) 609-882-8300

Metro Grill Classic Italian (lunch and dinner)
172 Scotch Road
(p) 609-882-2800

Revere Tavern Italian (lunch and dinner)
802 River Rd,
(p) 609-882-6365

Sal de Forte Italian – BYOB (lunch and dinner)
1400 Parkway Ave.
(p) 609-406-0123

Villa Rosa Italian BYOB (lunch and dinner)
41 Scotch Rd.
(p) 609-882-6841

Alforno Pizza Italian (lunch and dinner)
1780 N. Olden Ave.
(p) 609-882-2936

Danny's Tomato Pie (lunch and dinner)
1410 Parkway Ave
(p) 609-530-1888

Domino’s Pizza
954 Parkway Ave
(p) 609-883-1000

Kings Pizzarama (lunch and dinner)
200 Ewingville Rd
(p) 609-882-3042

Nova Trattoria (lunch and dinner)
1505 Parkway Ave.
(p) 609-771-6177

Piccolo Pronto (lunch and dinner)
100 Campus Town Circle #101
(p) 609-963-4200

Pizza Hut (lunch and dinner)
1980 N Olden Ave
(p) 609-883-4881

Purple Pizza & Grill (lunch and dinner)
1632 N. Olden Ave.
(p) 609-278-1616

Ruben's Pizza (lunch and dinner)
2191 Spruce Street
(p) 609-883-6637 

Salerno's III (lunch and dinner)
1292 Lower Ferry Rd
(p) 609-883-0700

Special Pizza City (lunch and dinner)
1597 N. Olden Ave.
(p) 609-436-4932

Red Star Pizza 3 (lunch (early) and dinner)
608 Bear Tavern Rd.
(p) 609-406-1600

Stella's Pizza (lunch and dinner)
202 Scotch Rd
(p) 609-883-3880

Two Brothers Pizza (lunch and dinner)
1608 Pennington Rd.
(p) 609-882-8844

Valentinos Pizza (lunch and dinner)
1427 Parkside Ave.
(p) 609-882-2880


Mexican Mariachi Grill
(lunch and dinner)
1507 Parkway Ave
(p) 609-882-0119

Mexican Mariachi Grill (lunch and dinner)
600 Campus Town Drive #302
(p) 609-620-8265

Taco Bell  (breakfast, lunch and dinner)
1760 N. Olden Ave.
(p) 609-883-2910



Asian Yummy Sushi (lunch and dinner)
600 Campus Town Drive #303
(p) 609-883-8889

Fu Wah (lunch and dinner)
1871 N Olden Ave
(p) 609-882-7770

Tan May Chinese Restaurant (lunch and dinner)
1750 N. Olden Ave
(p) 609-895-0588

New Royal Chef
1400 Parkway Ave.
(p) 609-882-1067

Number 1 Chinese Restaurant (lunch and dinner)
1429 Parkside Ave
(p) (609) 883-7775

East Sushi Asian (lunch and dinner)
43 Scotch Rd.
(p) 609-771-4499

J C Teriyaki (lunch and dinner)
1429 Parkside Ave.
(p) 609-403-8596

Oishi Japan (lunch and dinner)
199 Scotch Rd.
(p) 609-882-8868

Sing Lee Chinese Restaurant Chinese (Lunch and dinner)
1512 N. Olden Ave.
(p) 609-392-7801

Wok Empire & Sushi Bar @ Shop Rite (lunch and dinner)
1750 N. Olden Ave.
(p) 732-822-4308

Fast Food

Blazin J's (lunch and dinner)
100 Campus Town Drive Suite 101
(p) 609-938-3478

Boston Market American (lunch and dinner)
1729 N. Olden Ave.
(p) 609-219-1333

Burger King American (breakfast, lunch and dinner)
1673 N. Olden Ave
(p) 609-620-0374

Chicken Holiday American (lunch and dinner)
1865 N. Olden Ave
(p) 609-882-6060

Chuck’s Café American
1980 N. Olden Ave
(p) 609-882-2140

Crepes & Churros D'France (breakfast & lunch)
100 Campus Town Circle #103
(p) 609-878-2900

Eddy's Coffee & Grill Latin (breakfast & lunch)
1400 Parkway Ave B1 (Birmingham Plaza)
(p) 609-323-7903

Emmanuel Bagel and Deli (breakfast and lunch) (closed Sundays)
1080 Pennington Road
(p) 609-840-3939

Ewing Cakes & Pastries cakes and pastries (variable hours as late as 6:30 pm)
831 Parkway Ave.
(p) 609-583-4222

FD Subs
1980 N. Olden Ave.
(p) 609-882-6888

Five Guys American (lunch and dinner)
7 Scotch Rd.
(p) 609-882-7999

Frutta Bowls açaí bowls (breakfast, lunch & dinner)
600 Campus Town Drive
(p) 609-583-5312

Flying Pie Guy Australian /meat pies (food truck)
949 Lower Ferry Rd.
(p) 908-635-0230

GDay Gourmet
(food truck)
(online ordering only)
Australian Meat Pies 
(p) 800-988-1722

Georgia Fried Chicken
American (lunch and dinner)
262 Parkway Ave.
(p) 609-434-1400

Insomnia Cookies Cookies (afternoon and evening)
300 Main Boulevard
(p) 877-632-6654

Jersey Mike's Subs
Campus Town at TCNJ
400 Main Blvd East, Suite 603
(p) 609-643-0939

American (lunch and dinner)
1565 Princeton Ave.
(p) 609-392-9045

Legend Subs, Wings & Kababs
1672 Pennington Rd
(p) 609-323-7911

American (breakfast, lunch and dinner)
1885 N. Olden Ave.
(p) 609-883-2815

Mi Quetzal Restaurant Latin
1012 Pennington Rd.

Mr. Wish Tea House Bubble tea
600 Campus Towns Dr. Suite 301
(p) 609-323-7665

New York Bagel and Deli (breakfast and lunch)
1097 Parkway Ave.
(p) 609-882-0078

Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen American (lunch and dinner)
1605 N. Olden Ave
(p) 609-396-7150

Primo Hoagies 
Sandwiches/hoagies (lunch and dinner)
238 Scotch Rd.
(p) 609-406-9000

Prince Fried Chicken American
(lunch and dinner)
1685 N. Olden Ave.
(p) 609-912-0355

Ray’s Sub Shop 
Sandwiches/hoagies (lunch and dinner)
1540 Pennington Rd
(p) 609-771-8006

RedBerry Frozen Yogurt and Smoothie Bar (lunch and dinner)
200 Campus Town Circle
(p) 609-883-0043

Rita's Water Ice desserts (seasonal)
1410 Parkway Ave.
(p) 609-403-8943 

Sonic Drive-In
American (lunch and dinner)
1660 N. Olden Ave.
(p) 609-896-3200

Subway Restaurants  
sandwiches/subs (lunch and dinner)
958 Parkway Ave

Wawa (breakfast, lunch and dinner)
1300 Sylvia Street
(p) 609-414-9258

1730 N. Olden Ave.
(p) 609-771-4147

Wingstop Chicken (lunch and dinner) Carryout/delivery
1556 A North Olden Ave.
(p) 609-362-9464