New Leaf and Brush Requirements Help Prevent Flooding, Address Water Quality & Make Ewing Fully Compliant with State Law

New leaf and brush disposal guidelines, enacted as Ordinance 21-08, require the bagging of leaves and brush in biodegradable bags for curbside pick-up by the Township. 

Bulk Waste Collection Guidelines Update The changes, long required by the State, and reinforced by recent changes in State Department of Environmental Protection’s (DEP) Rules, make the Township and its residents, compliant with existing State storm water rules.

Not only does refuse going into our storm drains contribute to potential flooding and sewer issues, as storm drain backup is often a common cause of lawn or basement flooding, but the entry of the refuse into our stormwater system can contribute to water quality challenges.   State DEP storm water standards can be quite stringent for this reason. 

 “These changes make Township residents safer when it comes to flooding and help ensure better water quality for our residents.” stated Councilwoman Jennifer Keyes-Maloney.

Enacted unanimously in mid-April and effective June 13, 2021, the new law not only clarifies that leaves and brush must be bagged in biodegradable paper bags but also allows, as an alternative, residents the ability to put leaves or brush in containers for pickup by the Township.  Brush of less than six (6) inches in diameter may also be put out in lengths no longer than four (4) feet, and can be put out loose, bound or in a container.   The law specifies that pick-up of either brush or leaves will occur the day after regularly scheduled trash collection.   Residents also have the ability to drop off bagged or ‘containered’ leaves and brush at the brush drop off site located off of Jack Stephan Way.  

The Township distributes paper leaf bags to residents free of charge at the Department of Public Works located at 136 Scotch Road, although quantities are limited.   Please call the Department at 609-882-3382 for availability.

However, a simpler and easier option for leaf management is mulching (shredding) in place - it is easy to learn, easy to implement, the greener option, and saves time and money.  Leaf mulching is more efficient than bagging, raking or blowing them to the curb and it recycles nutrients into your soil to feed your lawn and plants, improves soil health, while helping retain moisture.  To learn more about this option check out the Ewing Green Team’s website under ‘Healthy Yards.’

Finally, in addition to making the Township compliant with State law, the ordinance also codifies a long-standing practice, of allowing residents to put out three (3) pieces for so called ‘bulk pickup’ as part of weekly trash collection but makes clear that electronics and construction debris may not be left at the curb.   Residents may drop off unwanted electronics at the Township’s Scotch Road Convenience Center during operating hours.   

Questions on the new requirements can be directed to Public Works at 609.882.3382.