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Help Shape the Future of Ewing’s Parks and Open Spaces!

Ewing Township is in the process of creating a new Open Space and Recreation Plan and we want to hear from you!  Take our Online Survey today!

Open Space SurveyWays for you to Give Your Feedback

  • Take our Online Survey 
  • Municipal Building - Ewing Open Space posters  are located outside the upstairs Tax Office.  Use the post its on the easels to supply your recommendations. 
  • Ewing Senior and Community Center - Ewing Open Space posters.  Use the post its on the easels. 

What is the Open Space and Recreation Plan?

Ewing Township’s Open Space and Recreation Plan will serve as a “blueprint” for the future of its parks and recreation system. As an element of the Township Master Plan, the document will communicate the Township’s vision for current and future park facilities and make recommendations to guide Township policies, capital expenditures, and decisions by the Planning Board and Zoning Board. The planning process undertaken by L&G Planning will consist of the following components:

  1. Community outreach through surveys, focus groups, and public hearings;
  2. Documentation of existing parks and recreation facilities, trends, and opportunities;
  3. Analysis of current and future park needs;
  4. Recommendation of strategies to meet Township goals and objectives; and
  5. Adoption of the plan by the Planning Board.

Through the Open Space and Recreation Plan, Ewing Township will continue to form an integrated system of open space that is sufficiently diverse and comprehensive to protect natural areas and provide sources of recreation for all residents. The ultimate goal is to deliver an adequate supply of park and recreation facilities that is connected to schools, public transit, bicycle and pedestrian routes, surrounding neighborhoods, and economic activity. The Open Space and Recreation Plan will therefore identify specific needs and desires of the community and recommend appropriate solutions according to open space and recreation standards, population projections, and public input.

We invite you to share your thoughts about what you value the most about Ewing’s parks and open spaces currently.  Tell us what improvements or changes you would like to see by completing our online community survey.  The survey will be accessible through November 24, 2019.  (Paper copies of the survey are available in the Clerk's office upon request.)

Supporting Documentation

The following documentation may assist you in your understanding of the current state of Ewing’s recreational areas and where areas for further development may lie.  For the time being, until the Open Space and Recreation Plan is completed, the maps and aerials below are all linked individually.  Once the plan has been finalized, they will be included in the Plan proper. 

Message from the Mayor

“Building upon our existing open space and recreation facilities, the Township seeks to update its Master Plan's Parks & Recreation Element. As a longtime proponent of the Ewing Park's system where I began service to the Ewing community as a member of the Ewing Township Recreation Commission, I feel we are long past due ensuring our parks and environmental resources have a long-range plan. Over the past few years we have made significant progress, but now more than ever our investment in these valued resources needs a concrete plan. Your input and opinions are critically important in helping shape the future of our parks and open space. Please join us!”  

Mayor Bert H. Steinmann

Open Space Feedback