Trenton Water Works to Conduct Biannual Water Main Flushing Program

On Monday, March 25, Trenton Water Works will begin flushing water mains in our five-municipality water-distribution system, starting in Ewing Township and ending in Trenton on April 24).

To minimize inconvenience to our customers and residents, the flushing will be conducted in the evening, from 8 p.m. to 12 a.m.

Trenton Water Works biannually conducts unidirectional flushing, a proactive maintenance procedure to preserve high water quality—removing sediment, eliminating stagnant water, and improving the flow of water throughout the TWW system.

Customers may experience some temporary water discoloration immediately after the flushing procedure. You can remedy this by opening the tap to allow the water to flow until it is clear, a process that takes up to five minutes.

For additional information please check the Trenton Water Works announcement dated March 18, 2019