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Report a Pothole

Help us to serve you better by reporting potholes as you find them.

potholesIt’s pothole season (sigh)! Though potholes can occur during any season, the freeze/thaw cycle we experience during New Jersey winters is extremely hard on our road system. Our Public Works Department crews repair/report the potholes as they are found. Please help us to serve you better by reporting potholes that you encounter as you drive around town.

Who to Contact

Ewing has approximately 110 miles of roadways that are maintained by the DPW. Potholes on County roads in Ewing (list) are repaired by Mercer County Road crews and the State of NJ road crews are responsible for pothole repair on Interstate 95, Pennington Road (Rte. 31) and Rte. 29 (River Road).

Municipal Roads

Use our Feedback Form or call (609) 882-3382 to report a road concern or pothole. Please be sure to give an exact address or best description of the location of the pothole and include helpful landmarks, travel lane direction, adjacent addresses and any information that could assist us in locating and repairing the pothole.

Mercer County Roads

If you see a pothole on a Mercer County roadway (list), please report its location by calling 609-530-7510 or use their form.

State Roads

To report a pothole on a NJ State Road/Highway, please contact the New Jersey Dept. of Transportation (NJDOT) at 609-588-6212 or use their online form.

Thank you for your help and drive safely.